Welcome to Your Home for Holistic Health, Nutrition, and Mental Mindset Mastery

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”

~Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931)

Some of Our Most Requested Services

Integrated Neuro Kinesiology

A Innovative Assessment & Treatment Approach for Improving Pain, Mobility, Anxiety, and Much More. Unlock your Health Potential with this Next Level Modality.

Holistic Mental Health Therapy & Coaching

Not Your Typical Therapy Model. Helping People Find & Apply the Resources Necessary for Amazing and Profound Change to Radically Improve your Life.

Float Tank & Sensory Restricted Therapy

Remove the Effects of Gravity on the Body, while Drastically Reducing Sensory Input and you will Discover the Powerful Healing Properties Within You.

IV Hydration & Micronutrient Infusions

Delivering Vital Vitamins and Nutrients Directly into the Bloodstream for unparalleled Absorption & Bio-availability. From Weight Loss to Immune Support, and More...

Metabolic Breath Analysis Testing

Advanced Level Clinical Grade Metabolic Analysis for Unlocking the Secrets to Improving Weight Loss, Athletic Performance , and Health Aging.

Weight Loss, Fat Reduction & Body Contouring

An Incredible Multi-Faceted Approach for Those Who are Serious About Losing Weight and Redefining Their Body.

Hypnosis and Coaching Services

Discover How Recruiting the Subconscious Part of Your Mind Creates a New Dynamic Response to Facillitate Powerful and Long Lasting Change.

Coaching for Excellence in Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health

Mental, Emotional & Physical Coaching

Improve your Mental, Emotional, & Physical Wellbeing by utilizing a Coaching approach to better health.

About Our Clinic

We bring together many different healing modalities that work together to improve the health and vitality of the clients we serve.  By using safe and effective treatment options, we give people an option to approach their health in a natural and holistic way.  Our service can be used alone, or in conjunction with other medical treatments and modalities. 

Our mission is to provide multiple treatment options within a holistic model of care.  By doing so, we seek to not only improve the health and wellbeing of the clients we work with, but also to empower the individual with the tools and resources necessary to take back control of their health.

Client Testimonials

I had been dealing with joint pain and chronic inflammation for years. It had progressed to the point where I was not sleeping, and not able to function well. I was prescribed pain killers, anti-inflammatories, and steroids. This left me foggy headed, constipated, and still in pain. Then I went to IFH. They got to the source of my troubles. Today, I may take a Tylenol if I over do it. But I am on no other medication. Thank you so much.
-=Sam=- Davenport
I had been in therapy before. Spent years talking about the same things, over and over. Then I came here. Wow. What a difference. I am identifying and overcoming my negative beliefs about myself. And making so much progress in many areas of my life. Thank you!!!
-=Michelle=- Bettendorf
Stress, Fatigue, Chronic Pain. I was in pretty rough shape. I had been to so many doctors, therapists, and specialists. A pill for this and a shot for that approach. A friend suggested I try out this place. To be honest, I came in just to prove that something else wasn't going to work for me. But right away I was taken back as they actually listened to what I was telling them. I was amazed as Matt systematically traced out not just my symptoms, but what was actually causing my symptoms. I could see and feel improvements right there on his table. I was able to stand and bend better right away after getting up. I was blown away. I came in a skeptic, and left a believer.
-=Alice=- Moline