Integrated Neuro Kinesiology

Integrated Neuro Kinesiology is a combination of brain and body therapies that can help to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health.

By treating the underlying causes of your issues, this truly integrative therapy can help to reduce or eliminate symptoms, enhance healing, and restore balance in your body.

Our integrative approach works to improve the functioning of your nervous system (And thus, all other systems in your body), allowing you to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.


The Brain Runs The Show...

This is a common statement heard anytime Matt is working with clients. Our brain is the central control center for our entire body. Making decisions and controlling bodily functions based on current inputs from inside and outside the body, past experiences, current and past emotional states, and many other factors.

This complex network allows us to compensate in order to function so that we can do the things we want/need to do. However, compensations are not typically intended for long term use. When they are used for a long period of time, this can alter the normal neurological functioning in the brain and nervous system. Resulting in undesirable outputs. Bad input leads to bad output. (Garbage in = Garbage out).

Most traditional treatments focus on reducing symptoms. Some will go so far as to address the inappropriate output from the brain that may be contributing to a problem. But very few, if any, address the problem at its core, the input to the brain. That is where we look, at the inputs along the various neuropathways in the body and how those signals are being interpreted in the brain. Areas that may be sending signals to the brain that, in turn, produce a bad output.

By correcting these input signals at the source, and where they are received in the brain, we can reduce or eliminate the output that is contributing to the problem at hand.

What are the applications?

Our unique Integrative Neuro Kinesiology approach was refined by our very own Matt DeWild and utilizes a combination of many different techniques to not only uncover underlying problems, but to also treat them effectively.

Rooted in Neurobiology, this approach addresses many of the most common contributing factors to a particular issue, allowing clients to move forward with less pain, improved function, and better overall health. The Integrated Neuro Kinesiology techniques utilized can address the physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of a client’s health concern.

Common presenting problems include; Pain, Anxiety, Digestive Issues, Inflammation, Limited Mobility, Unreached Athletic Potential, and much more. Each session is tailored to the distinct needs of the individual client. Each client comes with their own story, and process of how they got to where they are.

What works for one client, may not work for the next, even though they have the same presenting problem. We treat each client as the unique individual that they are. And take into account the fact that a client is much more than a collection of symptoms. Much more than a diagnosis or a label.

They are a whole being, with many interconnected parts. Treating the individual as a whole is the basis of our treatment philosophy at Integrated Functional Health.


Benefits of Integrated Neuro Kinesiology

  • Pain Reduction

    Our Integrative Neuro Kinesiology process has been very effective at targeting the source of pain, and making the necessary changes to allow for proper healing.

  • Decrease Anxiety

    Anxiety may be one of the most common problems people deal with. At its core, anxiety is the nervous system’s response to stimuli. It is not the stressor that is the problem, but how the nervous system is responding to it. Adjusting the response to the stimuli provides tremendous improvements for clients.

  • Improved Sleep

    When the nervous system has multiple dysfunctions present, it is not going to function efficiently. This can lead to many problems, but a common one is poor sleep. By correcting these nervous system dysfunctions, there is better function. Pretty much every client reports better sleep, even if they didn’t note sleep to be a problem in the first place.

  • Improved Mobility

    Miscommunication in the nervous system will result in improper muscle contraction, and possibly instability. Correcting these dysfunctions can improve mobility and function.

  • Improved Athletic Performance

    Athletes are naturally good compensators. That is part of what makes them good athletes. Many athletes, especially those performing at a high level, are able to function at that high level even with dysfunction. Imagine what happens when those barriers are removed, and they can reach full potential.

  • Improved mental clarity and focus

    Much like physical performance being hindered by an inefficient nervous system, the brain itself can suffer from this inefficiency as well. Often it results in clients reporting poor concentration, lack of focus, decreased speed of processing, and more. Correcting these dysfunctions can result in improvements in all of these areas.

Client Testimonials

five stars

"My son had a soccer injury that was nagging and not healing up. He wasn't able to play, and was getting more frustrated by the week. Rest and Physical Therapy provided only small improvements even after several weeks. A family member suggested we look into Integrated Functional Health. 2 Weeks later, he is playing better than he did before he got injured. I don't understand what they did, all we know is that it worked."

five stars

"Unbelievable! I had been to 5 different doctors and specialists over 3 years, and none of them were able to help me. 1st visit with Matt at Integrative Functional Health, 30 Minutes later, and I was already beginning to feel better."


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