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Are you tired of letting pain rule your life?

Discover How to Take Back Control and Eliminate Chronic Pain

Experience deep, lasting relief from chronic pain and fatigue with my Pain Relief Program. With a focus on your whole body and mind, this service is designed to find and fix the root cause of your pain, helping you feel better and live more fully.

Immediate Pain Reduction

Enhanced Vitality

Increased Mobility

For Those Frustrated by Endless Pain

Unyielding Discomfort

Feels like there's no end to the pain

Chronic Fatigue

Constantly drained, barely making it through the day

Treatment Fatigue

Tired from trying everything, yet nothing works

Integrated functional health overwhelmed by pain

Ever Felt Overwhelmed by Chronic Pain and Fatigue?

Imagine waking up every day feeling just as tired as when you went to bed. Chronic pain and fatigue can make even the simplest tasks feel impossible.

This relentless discomfort can keep you from enjoying life, spending time with family, or progressing in your career. It's like being stuck on a treadmill, moving but going nowhere, which can lead to feeling hopeless and isolated.

Have you ever...

  • Missed an important family event because you just didn't have the energy?
  • Watched from the sidelines, unable to join in and enjoy life with your friends?
  • Felt invisible because your pain and fatigue stop you from living fully?

If any of these sound familiar, you're in the right place.

Regaining your energy and breaking free from pain allows you to live your life to the fullest.

Step into a Life Where Chronic Pain Doesn't Hold You Back

Overcome Chronic Pain and Embrace a Life Full of Energy

Imagine reclaiming your life from the grips of chronic pain and fatigue with my Pain Relief Program. In just a few weeks, you can start to see significant changes. My program offers a structured approach that combines holistic healing with advanced therapies to target the root causes of your pain, not just the symptoms. It's a clear path to not just feeling better, but thriving.

With my Pain Relief Program, you will:

Experience a significant reduction in pain
Gain increased energy throughout your day
Achieve greater mobility and flexibility
Enjoy a more active lifestyle without discomfort
Feel supported and understood every step of the way
Integrated functional health pain life full

How It Works

We simultaneously address the three essential components of chronic pain

Mental (Thoughts)

In this area we identify the thoughts that have been contributing to the experience of pain. And explore how changing our thought patterns can impact health and healing.

Mental Mindset Mastery
Customize your care plan
Establish a baseline for tracking progress

Emotions (Feelings)

Here we focus on the Limbic (Emotional Control Center) system in the brain and it's influence on the processing of pain signals.

Reduce anxiety levels
Enhance emotional resilience
Improve overall mental well-being

Emotion (Feelings)

This component focuses on physical interventions designed to alter the neurology associated with pain.

Deepen relaxation
Accelerate physical recovery
Increase pain threshold

Advanced Techniques for Lasting Relief and Resilience

  • Consistent Support

    Receive ongoing encouragement and adjustments to your treatment plan. Strengthening your commitment to healing.

  • Tailored Health Strategies

    Every aspect of your care is customized to fit your unique health needs. Matching your personal goals with the right techniques.

  • Comprehensive Care Approach

    Address both physical pain and mental stress. Balancing your overall health and wellness.

  • Advanced Healing Techniques

    Utilize cutting-edge therapies proven to alleviate pain. Fast-tracking your recovery with the latest advancements.

  • Personal Accountability

    Stay on track with regular check-ins and progress assessments. Boosting your motivation to reach and surpass your health goals.

  • Long-term Wellness Planning

    Prepare for sustained health beyond the program. Ensuring lasting relief and continued improvement in your quality of life.

Matt DeWild

Co-Owner Integrated Functional Health

Experience Relief & Start Your Journey to Pain-Free Living

Years ago, I was just like you, struggling with crippling shoulder pain that doctors and surgeries couldn't fix. The constant ache made everyday activities a challenge, and the disappointment of failed treatments weighed heavily on my spirit.

Determined to change my fate, I delved into the world of alternative therapies. I learned about neurokinesiology and integrated various healing practices, gradually piecing together a personalized plan that worked. This journey wasn't just about physical recovery; it taught me resilience, hope, and the profound impact of a holistic approach.

Inspired by my own healing, I founded this service to extend the same hope and healing to others like you. My program doesn't just treat symptoms; it goes deeper, addressing the root causes of pain through a blend of innovative and traditional techniques. Here's what I offer:

  • Personalized assessments to uncover underlying issues
  • Tailored treatments that combine physical and mental health strategies
  • Continuous support and adjustments based on your progress

With over a decade of experience and numerous success stories, I'm not just a practitioner; I'm a testament to the power of alternative healing. My approach is shaped by my personal experience and professional expertise, ensuring you receive care that truly understands and addresses your pain.

How April Reclaimed Life from Pain

five stars

"I've been a client of Integrated Functional Health for the past year, and let me tell you, it's been life-changing. Before I started working with them, I suffered from chronic pain and anxiety that was affecting every aspect of my life.

I was exhausted from trying different medications and therapies, but nothing seemed to bring me long-term relief. That's when I discovered Integrated Functional Health. I was hesitant at first, but the team quickly put me at ease and explained how their holistic approach to healthcare could help me.

Not only were they able to identify the root causes of my pain and anxiety, but they also provided personalized treatments that addressed my unique needs. And let me tell you, the results have been amazing!

The pain that I used to experience on a daily basis has significantly decreased, and in some cases, it's been completely eliminated. I no longer have to rely on prescription medication for relief. But it's not just the physical results that have made a difference in my life. I've also noticed a significant decrease in my anxiety levels.

Before working with Integrated Functional Health, even the thought of leaving my house would send me into a panic. But now, I feel more calm and in control of my emotions. It's been truly liberating. I can't thank the team at Integrated Functional Health enough for their support and guidance throughout this journey.

They've not only helped me improve my physical health but also my mental well-being. Their holistic approach has provided me with lasting results that I never thought were possible.

I highly recommend Integrated Functional Health to anyone looking for a comprehensive and personalized approach to healthcare. Trust me, it'll be one of the best decisions you'll ever make for your health and well-being."


Seize Your Chance to Live Without Pain

Every session with me is tailored to you, leading to significant pain relief and a surge in energy and mobility.



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Real Stories, Real Relief

five stars

"I had been dealing with joint pain and chronic inflammation for years. It had progressed to the point where I was not sleeping, and not able to function well. I was prescribed pain killers, anti-inflammatories, and steroids. This left me foggy headed, constipated, and still in pain. Then I went to IFH. They got to the source of my troubles. Today, I may take a Tylenol if I overdo it. But I am on no other medication. Thank you so much."

five stars

"Stress, Fatigue, Chronic Pain. I was in pretty rough shape. I had been to so many doctors, therapists, and specialists. A pill for this and a shot for that approach. A friend suggested I try out this place. To be honest, I came in just to prove that something else wasn't going to work for me. But right away I was taken back as they actually listened to what I was telling them. I was amazed as Matt systematically traced out not just my symptoms, but what was actually causing my symptoms. I could see and feel improvements right there on his table. I was able to stand and bend better right away after getting up. I was blown away. I came in a skeptic, and left a believer."

five stars

"Unbelievable!  I had been to 5 different doctors and specialists over 3 years, and none of them were able to help me.  1st visit with Matt at Integrative Functional Health, 30 Minutes later, and I was already beginning to feel better."


Step Into a Future Where Pain Doesn't Hold You Back

Do you feel trapped by chronic pain and fatigue? You're not alone. Many struggle daily, yearning for relief and a chance to enjoy life fully again.

Through my Pain Relief Program, I help you:

  • Significantly reduce or eliminate your pain
  • Boost your energy levels for the day ahead
  • Enhance your mobility and flexibility
  • Feel supported and guided throughout your healing process

Take control of your health today. Schedule a consultation and start the journey to a vibrant, active life without pain.

Integrated functional health pain not holding you back

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a comprehensive service I created that combines different healing techniques. I use everything from neuro kinesiology to nutritional counseling to target not just the symptoms but the root causes of your pain.

While everyone's different, many of our clients start to feel better very quickly. The goal is to make lasting changes, so the full benefits continue to grow as we progress.

Unlike typical medical treatments that focus only on symptoms, I take a holistic approach. This means looking at your whole health picture—body and mind—to find a long-term solution.

In our program, I focus on natural and alternative therapies instead of medication. However, I always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider about any medications.

Typically, alternative therapies like these are not covered by insurance. 

Many of our clients come to us after other treatments have failed. Our approach is different because it's personalized and focuses on the underlying components that contribute to a particular issues. 

If you're struggling with chronic pain and traditional methods haven't worked, you're likely a good candidate. I suggest scheduling a consultation so we can learn more about your specific situation.

During your consultation, we'll discuss your pain and health history, and I'll explain how our program might help. It's a good time for you to ask any questions and see if you feel comfortable with this approach.

Simply book a consultation. We'll set up a time for your initial consultation, and from there, we can start tailoring a plan to your needs and goals.

How Long Will You Let Pain Define Your Life?

Living with chronic pain can feel like being stuck in a loop of discomfort and disappointment. Many try to manage it alone, only to face constant setbacks and increasing frustration, missing out on life’s joys and opportunities.

It's exhausting to continually chase relief without ever really finding it.

This is your chance to finally break free from the cycle of pain and regain control over your life.

Don't wait for the situation to get worse. Act now to end the cycle of pain and embrace a healthier, more active future.