Integrated Neuro Kinesiology

A Innovative Assessment & Treatment Approach for Improving Pain, Mobility, Anxiety, and Much More. Unlock your Health Potential with this Next Level Modality.


Holistic Mental Health Therapy

Not Your Typical Therapy Model. Helping People Find and Apply the Resources Necessary for Amazing and Profound Change to Radically Improve your Life.


Float tank Therapy

Remove the Effects of Gravity on the Body, while Drastically Reducing Sensory Input and you will Discover the Powerful Healing effects on both the Mind and the Body.


Metabolic Breath Analysis

Advanced Level Clinical Grade Metabolic Analysis for Unlocking the Secrets to Improving Weight Loss, Athletic Performance , and Health Aging.


Green Laser Lipo Fat Loss

The World’s Most Advanced Non-Invasive Fat Reduction System. Combining State of the Art Tech with clinically proven methodology for outstanding results.


Weight Loss & Fat Reduction

The X360 system is the most technologically advanced, comprehensive, and individualized program for achieving your weight loss goals.

Additional Services


IV Micronutrient Infusions

Delivering Vital Vitamins and Nutrients Directly into the Bloodstream for unparalleled Absorption & Bio-availability. From Weight Loss to Immune Support, and More.


Hypnosis and Guided Meditation

Tap into the power of your subconscious mind. Allowing yourself to experience profound and amazing change.


Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Detox, Reduce Inflammation, Improve Recovery, Increase Metabolism, and Lose Weight with soothing Infrared Heat.


3D Body Scan Technology

Incredible insight and tracking of key body metrics offering unparalleled and information along your journey to better health.


Ultrasonic Cavitation & RF

Break down Fat Cells and lose inches with this safe, Non-Surgical approach to fat loss.


Whole Body Vibration

Improve Lymphatic fluid flow, tighten and tone muscles for improved strength and stabilty.


Therapeutic Stretching

Improve tissue compliance, recover quicker, increase mobility with our targeting therapeutic stretching program


Vitamin & Supplement Support

Vitamins and Supplements can be confusing. Let us help you sort through the noise, and find what works best for you.

Signature Services

Are you struggling with chronic pain, emotional distress, or simply seeking to enhance your overall well-being? We have the expertise and compassion needed to help you navigate these challenges and move forward. Take a crucial step towards living a healthier and more fulfilling life.


Rediscover your self-esteem and start setting boundaries without fear, equipped with tools to trust your decisions and live life on your terms.

Health Crisis

Tackle long-term health issues head-on with a comprehensive approach that views you as a whole person, not just a set of symptoms.

Sports Performance

Overcome injuries and performance plateaus with customized training and recovery strategies tailored to your athletic needs.

Pain Relief

Get targeted relief and strategies for chronic pain management that go beyond temporary fixes to address the root causes of your discomfort.

High Stress Careers

Navigate the challenges of high-pressure careers with strategies that reduce stress and increase effectiveness.

Success Stories

five stars

"I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I've tried every diet and exercise plan out there, but nothing seemed to work for me. That is until I discovered metabolic breath analysis. The results of my metabolic breath analysis were eye-opening. I found out that my metabolism was slower than average, which explained why I had such a hard time losing weight even with strict dieting and exercise. Armed with this knowledge, I was able to make changes to my lifestyle that were tailored to my specific needs."

five stars

"I had been in therapy before.  Spent years talking about the same things, over and over.  Then I came here.  Wow.  What a difference.  I am identifying and overcoming my negative beliefs about myself.  And making so much progress in many areas of my life.  Thank you!!!"

five stars

“Before I discovered X360, I felt like I was in a never-ending battle with my weight. I had tried countless diets and fitness programs, but nothing seemed to work for me in the long term. I was almost ready to give up, but then I found X360, and it completely changed my life.

Thank you, X360, for helping me transform my life. I’ve never felt better, and I know the best is yet to come!”

Samantha J

Step Into a Healthier, Happier You Today

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