Our Story

Our story begins with our founder and owner, Matt DeWild, a skilled Registered Nurse with experience in ICU, Emergency Rooms, Trauma Centers, Helicopter Flight Nursing, Nuclear Medicine, Mental Health, and more. Matt’s journey into the world of alternative treatments was not just a professional pursuit but also a personal one.

Plagued by a persistent shoulder injury that caused him problems for years, Matt knew firsthand what it meant to live with pain. His shoulder would dislocate at times from simple tasks, such as picking up a gallon of milk. After three surgeries over 15 years and extensive rehabilitation, his dislocations ceased, but the pain remained. The solution offered to him was more surgery, which Matt decided was not the route he wished to take.

Thus began his quest for alternative treatments. Whenever he found a promising technique, he dived deep into studying it, often seeking out the original developers for direct learning. Despite numerous barriers, such as requirements for doctorate degrees or licenses, Matt’s persistence allowed him to gain access to these trainings, or work with people individually.

As his knowledge and skills grew, he saw significant improvements in his own recovery. This led to Matt extending help to others seeking alternatives to pills, injections, and surgeries. He worked with individuals who had tried conventional methods without satisfactory results. Over time, Matt developed a unique skill set for treating pain and mobility issues through an eclectic, structure-based approach to treating soft tissues. His methods yielded outstanding results in some of the most challenging cases.

Matt’s clientele expanded to include athletes from various sports, war veterans, and others seeking pain relief and improved mobility. But despite his best efforts, some clients still did not achieve the desired results. It became clear that there were other components at play beyond physical structure.

This realization spurred further research and the adoption of the principle that the “Brain Runs The Show”. Matt spent countless hours integrating functional neurological approaches into his primarily structural work. The results were astounding—changes occurred at the speed of electricity, and the success rate increased significantly.

Despite these breakthroughs, there remained a group of people who did not respond sufficiently. Digging deeper, Matt discovered the Limbic System – the emotional control center of the brain. Together with the mind and its various components, it held solutions that went beyond what he had previously thought possible.

As we ventured deeper into the realm of the Limbic System, Mind, and the Subconscious, we began to see the astonishing potential of this approach. By understanding how our thoughts and emotions directly impact our nervous system and, by extension, our health, we were able to assist our clients unlock unprecedented healing capacities.

This realization was a game changer. Pain, mobility, recovery, immune response – every aspect of health was influenced by our mental and emotional state. Suddenly, individuals who had been suffering for years, some with conditions that conventional approaches had failed to address, found relief. Cases that seemed impossible began to improve, and in some instances, resolve completely. The possibilities of this new approach appeared endless.

Our journey took a significant leap forward with the addition of Molly to the Integrated Functional Health team. With three Master’s Degrees and an extensive background in neurology, Molly brought a wealth of knowledge about the workings of the brain. Her research on mirroring neurons and her deep understanding of what Dr. Dan Siegel MD describes as Interpersonal Neurobiology made Molly an invaluable asset to our team.

But Molly’s contributions weren’t limited to her academic prowess. Her therapeutic sessions deviated from the norm, focusing on a holistic approach, personal accountability, and the willingness to undertake the often messy and uncomfortable inner work necessary for substantial personal growth and development. How Nutrition, exercise, and connection with others influenced our health and happiness. These principles aligned perfectly with our vision of a truly holistic approach to health.

Molly has a passion for helping people reach their full potential, no matter where they are starting from. She focuses on assisting people to develop the internal resources necessary for navigating life’s challenges and overcoming the negative and limiting belief systems that prevent us from achieving our goals, dreams, and desires.

Together, Matt and Molly continue to expand the reach and scope of Integrated Functional Health. Their combined expertise and dedication have created a powerful approach to wellness that goes beyond traditional methods. Their shared goal is to make a significant and meaningful impact on the lives of their clients every day.

By understanding the profound connection between our physical bodies, our minds, and our emotions, we have created an approach that is truly integrated and functional. Our journey continues, and we are excited about the endless possibilities we are yet to explore.

Our Mission

At Integrated Functional Health, our mission is to unlock the full potential of individuals through a holistic approach to wellness that reaches beyond traditional methods.

We aim to foster personal growth and development by integrating physical, mental, and emotional health. Through our commitment to understanding the profound connections within our bodies and minds, we navigate life’s challenges, overcome negative and limiting belief systems, and aid in the achievement of goals, dreams, and desires.

We continuously strive to make a significant and meaningful impact on the lives of our clients, guided by our passion for exploring the endless possibilities of health and well-being.